A Feast For The Eyes

Step out onto the spacious terraces and into another world, where on a clear day you can see forever. On one side, the view stretches breathtakingly from the airport to the picturesque port of Jounieh, shimmering in the distance, while the other side presents the Kneisseh Mountains in all their majestic glory.
Imperium Residence is built on a small mound that will not only always maintain free and unhindered views, but is situated on a quiet site barely five minutes away from Brummana's hub. Top class restaurants, cafés, impressive hotels and numerous shops are there to attend to your every need.


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The Beauty Is To Behold

Large slabs of natural yellow stone mechanically fixed into the façade in the careful method of stone cladding embellish the building. Smaller white stones are carefully fixed piece by piece. The meticulous gardens, beautified with pines and evergreens, the flowers thoroughly planted to welcome the changing seasons provide pleasurable moments of delightful meandering.The building consists of two 460 square meters ground level apartments each with their own gardens, while the building above is divided into two segments, each floor in the form of two independent apartments. Each apartment a spacious 540 square meters constructed with the finest materials and the premium specifications. Each has either three or four bedrooms with adjoining bathrooms. All affording the owner the home of his dreams..

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